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First cold read, scene-analysis, creative idea generation, memorisation - online.



• Time may be added pending schedule.

• Prices in CAD.

Self-Tape Coaching


Incl. self-tape, reader with coaching notes, file edit & transfer.

1hr 30m | 1hr 15m | 1hr  | 45m 

    $120 |  $100 | $80  | $60

• Time may be added pending schedule.

• Prices in CAD.

Self-Tape Coaching


Incl. reader with coaching notes while you self-tape/rehearse at home.

      1hr 30m  |  1hr  |  45m  | 30m

    $120  | $80  | $60 | $40

• Time may be added pending schedule.

• Prices in CAD.

In-Studio Zoom Callback

Zoom Callback


Incl. reader with coaching notes. Book 20min prior to callback time.



• Time may be added pending schedule.

• Prices in CAD.

What to expect

1. Actor Skill Level

From professional working actors to beginner level actors, coached self-tapes and rehearsals are tailored to bringing out your best performance no matter where you're at.  Taping and rehearsals are open to screen and theatre work, and adults and children are welcome (please have a parent or carer present for all sessions).

2. Booking Process

For single sessions select a session, type, duration, then reserve a day/time in the calendar. Or contact for alternate times. Pay online with a card or PayPal. For packages, select a pack and pay online  then reserve sessions as you need in the account log in. Confirmation and info emails are sent with tips on where to send scenes, studio directions and how to get the most out of the session.

3. The Session

All In-Studio & Online Self-Tape Coaching sessions include a female reader with coaching notes and exercises tailored to your needs. These are designed to bring out your unique essence and elevate your performance by deeply understanding your  scenes, fine-tuning your character,  and strengthening camera technique specific to auditioning. The scenes and slate are recorded in HD 1080p using professional lighting and microphone and can be reviewed via instant playback. The files are edited & transferred on-the-spot via WeTransfer to yourself and your agent. Online sessions via Zoom are professionally coached while you record your scenes and slate using your set-up  or simply for rehearsals. Zoom callback sessions allocate 20min for rehearsal time and logging in to your Zoom account. Live-stream your callback reading with your coach/reader or the casting director on the screen opposite.

4. Post-Session

We love hearing about your wins/ bookings/ callbacks and any feedback that come from our sessions. Feel free to leave a Google review so others can find us and DM us your updates on Instagram  @tapelyselftapes .

5. Future Savings

15% OFF YOUR FIRST 3 PACK Sign up to our newsletter at the footer of the website for this discount. 3 & 5 PACKS Better pricing for more sessions. HOME SET-UPS Shorter sessions available for online coaching. REFERRAL PROGRAM You receive 20% of what your referral purchases in credits to use on your future purchase EVERY time they buy something on the site! E.g if they make a $100 purchase, you'll receive a $20 credit code. Accumulate your credits and use them as you need.

Referral Program

FAQ quick guide

Do I need to provide a reader?

No, all In-Studio & Online Self-Tape Coaching sessions include a female reader. This is the case for In-Studio Zoom Callback's although casting usually reads for these sessions. 

How many projects/scenes can I work on?

There is no limit to the amount of projects/scenes you can work on however depending on the session time booked and amount of prep needed during your session a rough guideline is 1-3 scenes per hour session for a lead/supporting role or series regular/recurring/guest star role, or 1-2 scenes per 45min session for a principal role, co-star role, or commercials.

Can I add time during my session?

Once you're in session if time permits, additional time can be added in 15min blocks and is billed at 15min of the services regular hourly rate and added to an invoice.

Do self-tape coaching sessions include file edit & transfer?

All In-Studio Self-Tape Coaching sessions include file edit & transfer. Some actors prefer to use the edit time for coaching and then edit files at home post-session. Although file edit & transfer is available for Online Self-Tape Coaching sessions via screen recording it not recommended as the final image quality is low. Online sessions are usually recorded and edited by the actor.

When are files sent?

Approximately 5min/scene is allocated toward the end of the session for file editing & transferred during the session time.

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